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Kite Surf

Myloi is the only registered beach exclusive to Kite Surfers. Situated right next to Agios Ioannis beach, it enjoys fantastic winds. The Kite Surf Open tournament is often hosted here. Adrenaline peaks, as the mistral wind blows and kite surfers reach 30-40 mph.

Kite surf sport 

Kite surf is a combination of windsurfing, water ski, wakeboard and paragliding. It could, in a way, be the next evolutional step to windsurfing. The surfer uses a small board and navigates holding a boom, which is connected with long cables to the kite. The basic characteristic of kite surf is the addition of the 3rd dimension to sailing. The surfer can use the kite’s upward pull to perform high jumps and impressive manoeuvres.

This is what differentiates kite surf from the rest of the water sports, where the rider uses either the board’s pull (wakeboard or waterski) or the sail’s pull (windsurf) to manoeuvre in a limited fashion. Other water sports do not have the advantage of long cables (20-30meters) and a kite up in the air to pull the surfer upwards.

Kite surf’s advantages 

The kite surfer does not have to chase the wind. From 2-3 bft someone could perform high jumps and impressive manoeuvres. At 15-30 metres above sea, where the kite flies, the wind blows 40% stronger than at sea level, giving to the surfer, the ability to kite with no apparent wind. Kite surf is quite easier than other water sports to master.

It takes about 2-3 hours with an instructor to learn the waterstart and begin to kite surf. Kite surf equipment is small in size and weight and less expensive than windsurfing equipment. The 4 line kites with the capacity of dewpower system are wide in use. One kite is equal to 3 windsurf sails in power delivered. Kite surf is the only sport offering the uniqueness of the 3rd dimension.

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